Sticky Encouragment

Grace loved writing notes…she would leave random notes of encouragement, scribbles filled with love, life quotes on binders, and her name, spelled out with a heart to top the i, pretty much anywhere and everywhere she pleased. I know that many of you reading this had received some of these notes, and you could probably tell a story about where she left it. She had mastered the art of encouragement. She would see a look of fear, anger, sadness or unease in a person’s eyes, and write them a note. I know that these notes, often on yellow post-its, have been a source of comfort to many over the last 5 months. 

I could use one of those notes today. Yesterday evening, we received the news that there will be no trial. Although the other driver was speeding and had alcohol in his system, there isn’t enough proof that it was entirely his fault; and there it ends. So it’s our job now, to close the chapter on the accident itself and move on.

As I move onto our next chapter though, I start a paragraph filled with hard words, words like how to forgive and not be angry, how to let go without growing bitter and how to remember without wallowing. I began to wonder though, what children do when they are faced with words that are too difficult to read? They usually ask someone they trust. So I turn to my Rock, my Helper, my Comforter, Jesus, and as He often does, He directs me back to His Word and I can hear Him say…

Sara, you may feel pressed on every side, but you are not crushed, you may be perplexed, but you are not in despair, you may feel persecuted, but you have not been abandoned, and you may have been struck down on January 25th, but you were not destroyed. (2 Cor.4:8&9)

So after I finish reading that, I understand the next chapter a bit better. I can read the hard words and I can try to work through them. And when I need a break from reading, I will put a bookmark in. My bookmark happens to be a yellow sticky note, from one of my biggest encouragers, and what it says, what she wrote and would say if she was standing right here, gives me the courage to finish strong…

I can almost see her, sitting on the couch, chewing on a pen, scribbling out these words….



Sticky Encouragment

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