Sighs and Goodbyes

IMG_2023I feel like I sigh all the time. I guess maybe trying to catch my breath fully or fill my lungs up all the way, is a task I’m unable to accomplish right now. My mom says that God hears all our sighs and knows the unspoken words hidden in them. I suppose my unspoken words are goodbyes. Too many to count really. Goodbye to 2016 being a graduation year filled with a party of pink and gold. Goodbye to the college bound princess who still wouldn’t clean her room. Goodbye to the early morning snuggles or my crazy dance partner. Goodbye to the little forehead birthmark, that recently began to fade. Goodbye to our oldest child, who held all our first hopes, dreams, fears, worries and tears.

There’s another big sigh, and now the heaviness in my chest reappears, a building up of so many more sighs.

Sighs and Goodbyes

4 thoughts on “Sighs and Goodbyes

  1. Melody Mills says:

    I love you all so much! I pray daily for you all. Not knowing what to do, I wait for God to show Himself to you in real and tangible ways. God, show my friends, Jim, Sara, and Evie, your love, peace, and comfort physically and spiritually.

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  2. Kay Atkinson says:

    Sara. I struggle knowing there is nothing to say to take away the pain and sadness. For those of us who”do”. We feel completely helpless, knowing there is nothing we can”do” to fix this. My “mother” heart cries out daily, so many mixed emotions. Why God, why? I want to “do” something to take your pain. Saying I am praying seems like not enough, it seems empty some time. Help us Father!

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